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8 min readOct 7, 2021

[October 7, 2021 — article by Halley Claire Bass]

Many of us may have a strong desire to pursue our passion, but we ignore it. We might like to create financial security by running our own business doing what we love, but we just don’t believe it can happen. Or — we may begin the pursuit, and then become too discouraged along the way to believe we can continue. True, running a self-owned business takes courage and can stretch us to limits that sometimes seem unmanageable. But, if we choose to take the journey and go the course, we can be carried to unimagined mental and spiritual heights.

I am a US-expat living in Berlin who has chosen to take that journey. I’ve been self-employed in the coaching and marketing business for almost a decade and am personally aware of the high points as well the challenges in owning and running a business. For me, the high notes are always exhilarating! But at times, the obstacles and blind spots have tripped me up and interrupted the expression of my authentic self.

As a coach, it has been my mission to help other people express their authenticity through overcoming their own perceived obstacles and blind spots. That’s why, when given the opportunity to write a blog series for Berlin Boss Babes, I thought it would be helpful to share accounts of women running their own businesses who have found their stride in Berlin.

Since human design readings and energy healing are some of the tools I use in my coaching practice, I wanted to begin this series by interviewing a few coaches and healers. The three women I interviewed shared endless gems of wisdom. Even if neither coaching nor healing are your business pursuit, I believe you’ll still find something that resonates. And hopefully it will inspire you to take the next step in your own path to sharing your gifts with the rest of the world.

The universe gives you green lights when….

My first interview was with Nina Kim, a fellow US expat and founder of the Psychedelic School of Massage & The Visionary School of Reiki.

Her journey began more than five years ago when, during a holiday in Berlin, she listened to her inner-knowing about the possibility of living and working in Berlin. When she arrived here she had no idea what would happen, but soon enough she had applied for and received her artist’s visa and was on her way. Using her background in journalism as a springboard, she learned how to get the facts and think creatively about finding work. Meanwhile she continued pursuing her passion for Reiki and Reiki massage as a hobby, offering it to friends and her inner network.

Eventually, she began offering Reiki massage at local events and parties with the intention of creating a grounded, safer space and opportunity for people to take care of themselves. Many people resonated with her work, and kept nudging her to offer this up as a business.

Every time I gave a session it felt so good, and I got such good feedback. Organically, things just started to fall into place until I could no longer ignore the signs.”

Taking a slow and steady approach, Nina navigated through the German bureaucracy before she finally found her stride. This meant dealing with a lot of red tape, government administrators, and translating important paperwork. Refusing to give up, she persisted until upon renewal of her third visa, German immigration offered her a visa that allowed for flexibility in her work.

The time was finally ripe to start her healing business. And once she opened the doors to her new endeavor, she never looked back. She began by offering just Reiki and Reiki massage and eventually grew to co-creating the Holographic Healing Nest healing collective and studio, then founding The Visionary School of Reiki where she teaches others her unique methodology rooted in the traditional Usui Reiki system.

According to Nina, gradual growth has been the key. For example, when she first opened her business she had no business plan. So to ensure that she was financially stable and wouldn’t have to abandon her endeavor, she relied on her savings and continued working part-time, utilizing her journalism skills until she could fully transition to her new business.

When asked about advice she would give other business owners she says, “Go slow and steady so that you can build a foundation of resources. Include a rainy day nest — just in case there’s an unanticipated drop in your income. But most importantly….

Don’t resist what’s in front of you. Give yourself the freedom to let go of your expectations, get out of your analytical mind, and follow your flow. The Universe gives you green lights when you’re going the way that is for your highest good and evolution.”


You will never be perfect, but you can always be…..

Italian Berliner Anna Buzzoni, came to Germany for her dream job ten years ago and has been living in Berlin ever since. However, soon after arriving, she began seeing the shortcomings in her work culture. Her disenchantment catalyzed her into building her own business, Medulla: Cycles and Insights.

Through her company, she uses an approach called “cycle literacy” to teach both individuals and organizations how to tap into the transformative power of natural cycles. Specifically, Anna’s 1:1 work involves consulting with menstruating folks who want to learn more about menstrual health, cycle attunement, and fertility awareness with the symptothermal method Sensiplan®. Her work with organizations involves dismantling linear approaches to problem solving and replacing those approaches with circular and regenerative models.

Although successful in her endeavor, Anna did not follow a straight-line path to arrive at her success. She followed her inner voice and remained true to her authentic self, which was not always the easy route. “I kept following the voice inside myself. All the interests I had — — from my work, to volunteering, to taking care of my personal health, there was a thread that was leading me in a direction of digging into natural cycles. At the time, I didn’t see that thread, but now I do.”

In the beginning she did everything herself, like designing her first website from watching Youtube tutorials. At various points of growth, she didn’t quite know how it all fit together, and hired business consultants to guide her. Although valuable, traditional models based on linear growth did not align with her values. This was a struggle, but she kept unfolding and trusting her own way of doing things, and in hindsight is so grateful that she did.

It was the death of her father that finally set her on a clear course. The pain in her grieving process caused her to delve more deeply into family cycles and to learn more about the healing path of cycle literacy. And she hasn’t stopped examining or applying the process ever since. Clients come mainly from referrals because she has never wanted an aggressive marketing approach. Instead she has allowed her business to unfold organically because she wants to remain mindful about not sacrificing her values or beliefs for what may seem to be the shiny penny.

What are her words of wisdom to other entrepreneurs? “Be careful not to be trapped in the mental bias where ‘light, high vibe, enlightenment’ is valued more than anything else. Remember the value of roots and visions, and learn about the power of sleep and rest. Let yourself be where you are on the journey, and don’t try to bypass the lessons in front of you. Within the challenges may lie the key to your next business offering. Most of all, remember that you will never be perfect, but you can always be authentic.


Find someone who…

Marije Terluin, a native of the Netherlands, was living with her husband in Calgary, Canada. Like Nina, she came to Germany on a hit from her intuition. She kept seeing images of herself in Berlin. Then, one day out of the blue, her husband approached her and said, “I have this weird feeling we should go to Berlin.” A few weeks later, they hired a realtor and were packing up their several years of life in Calgary so they could make the move.

Marije is a past life regressionist, who offers both 1:1 and group sessions through her business, Wonders Never Cease. She helps her clients look into past lives to evoke clarity on issues that are plaguing them in their current life. As a means of finding clarity, much of her work involves helping clients recognize and listen to their intuition, or higher self. A tip she often gives clients to help them in this endeavor is: “When you get a message and you feel restless and doubtful — it’s not the higher self. But if you feel peaceful…calm…positive…loving… then your higher self is speaking.”

As an EU citizen, Marije, (unlike Nina) had very few government barricades when she started her business in Berlin. Still, there were challenges she’s had to face. For example, Marije shared that in Berlin, educating folks about past life regression work has been essential. “In Calgary, folks seemed to know a bit more about my particular offering,” said Marije. “Here in Berlin, I’ve been developing educational videos and doing podcasts to help bridge the awareness gap.”

Collecting clients’ testimonials is another tool Marije has been using to bridge the gap. In addition, the testimonials help to boost her visibility through Google search results. She also collaborates with yoga studios and spiritual festivals who speak to an audience that is already aligned with her work. “I love to do collaborations with a group of folks who already have some connection to the work I do,” says Marije. “It helps me to spread the word about my events, and helps to reinforce my credibility as a professional.”

As far as dealing with competition from other professionals, Marije does not believe in expending energy on comparing or competing. She takes on the attitude of “the more the merrier.”

I am on a certain wavelength with the people I attract.” says Marije. “If there is someone else who wants to do regressions — they will attract their own set of clients. The point is, the more professionals do regressions, the more there will be an opportunity for people to reap the benefits. That’s what really counts.”

So what was Marije’s parting advice for anyone who is on the entrepreneur path? “Find someone who inspires you… someone who is already doing what you are doing….a mentor. It helps with your confidence. It helps you to know there is always a way.


It was such an honor to interview these three powerful women on behalf of the Berlin Boss Babes community. I have to say that the ingenuity from all three of them is off the charts! From menstrual cycle literacy, to reiki and finally on to past life regressions. These modalities were not much in the public awareness just five years ago. But these women forged a path ahead; each one trusting her inner-calling, each one blossoming into a woman with a successful business in Berlin.

Stay tuned for my next blog post to hear from more Berlin Boss Babes.

Until then… That’s a wrap!

Halley Claire Bass is a confidence coach for empathic leaders and entrepreneurs. Her mission is to give you permission to be your boldest and bravest self. Combining human design readings with intuitive energy work, she helps clients embrace their strength and pursue their dreams. For a complimentary 30-minute reading, contact Halley, follow her on Instagram @coach_halley, or check out her website halleyclairecoaching.com.



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